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     Prouduct list
SFP Transceiver,SFP Module
Optical Switch
Mems Optical Switch
Optical Line Protection System (OLP)
Optical Bypass Protection System (OBP)
GBIC Transceiver,GBIC Module
Video SFP Transceiver
PON Transceiver,PON Module
SFP+ Transceiver,SFP+ Module
SFP++ Transceiver,SFP++ Module
XFP Transceiver,XFP Module
X2 Transceiver,X2 Module
Xenpak Transceiver Module
Industrial Transceiver Module
dwdm optical transceiver module
cwdm optical transceiver module
bi-directional transceiver
10G Transceiver,10G Module
40G Transceiver,40G Module
80G Transceiver,80G Module
100G Transceiver,100G Module
Cisco transceiver module
Juniper transceiver module
HP transceiver module
MPO/MTP Connector Patchcord
Active Cable,Passive Cable
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Our customers cover all over the world like North American, South America, Europe, Australia, Middle East ...

Our transceiver optical modules products line including sfp module,gbic transceiver,x2 transceiver,10G SFP+,40G SFP+,xenpak,xfp transceiver module,cwdm transceiver,dwdm transceiver,GBIC, X2, XENPAK,80G SFP+,100G SFP+ transceiver etc. All of our  transceiver optical modules can be 100% compatible with Cisco, Juniper, HP and other network brands etc.

We are engaging to keep the good relationship with our current customers for long and gain more with our best endeavor in both quality control, cost control and service offer.



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transceiver module,sfp module,sfp transceiver,gbic,x2,xenpak,xfp

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